Did You Know?

Growing up on his mother's hearty and delicious recipes, Joon always understood instinctively the unmistakable healing power and comfort of real, good food. This belief motivated his 20 years working as a professional baker and patissier in South Korea and the United States, as he continued to explore and create new recipes, ideas, and ingredients to make his food ever heartier and more delicious.

Years of hard work and innovation gave natural way to the beginnings of the restaurant familiar to so many now -- JLB Eatery. Joon's beginnings as a patissier and middle son of a mother dedicated to the comfort of food continue to inspire our food philosophy today. We make our food with love and intentional care. Our ingredients are high-quality and fresh. And -- as our community knows so well now -- our hamburger buns are baked daily with the very recipe that Joon spent years perfecting to its heavenly softness.

We are so excited and grateful to grow with our community, and remain steadfast in our belief that at JLB Eatery, you should never leave without a full and happy stomach!